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Master PDF Editor 5.3

Create digital signatures, generate, edit, and print PDFs
5.3.20 (See all)
View, create, and edit PDF files. Merge and split documents, sign, write comment, and encrypt PDFs. Add and format text in a PDF document, insert images, alter size, move, delete, insert, and rotate pages in PDFs. Create, modify, and get rid of bookmarks. Create digital signatures and print any documents from software supporting printing, like Microsoft Word, Excel, or OpenOffice.

Master PDF Editor is intended to visualize, create, edit, protect and encrypt PDF documents. The tool is quite easy to use. In fact, it is very much like a word processor; however, it may look somewhat outdated in relation the most recent design trends. Most of its features are only accessible via the menu commands, so it is a good idea to consult its help documentation if you want to take advantage of all its potential.

When used as a reader, the program lets you annotate the documents by inserting comments, highlighting text and posting sticky notes, among other operations. It is also possible to signal the different parts of the document with bookmarks.

The editor supports creating documents from various sources, such as other PDFs, image files, and a scanner. Similarly, you can start a blank document and start adding contents. In this regard, the tool allows inserting multiple kinds of objects, like text, images, and geometrical figures. Luckily, the program can help you create fillable forms. Likewise, it lets you fill out the fields and store the entered data. Not only can you edit contents but also manipulate PDF pages by arranging them in a different order. It is also possible to extract a given page range to form a new document, append another file and erase pages.

If you want to prevent unauthorized users from altering, copying or exporting the contents of a PDF, it is possible to encrypt it with highly reliable algorithms. Not only that, the program supports automating specific operations using your own Javascript commands.

Master PDF Editor has most of the features you can get from more expensive products. However, it has some limitations. For example, it does not allow exporting documents in formats other than images or plain text. Likewise, although it is good that it can process scanned documents with optical character recognition to make their text searchable, the results are still somewhat imprecise, if you compare it with those you get from more sophisticated programs. Fortunately, the product is shareware and can be used without feature limitations, except that it stamps a watermark on the pages of the output document.

Pedro Castro
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  • Very versatile
  • Lets you annotate documents
  • Encrypts and signs documents
  • Allows managing pages
  • Supports creating fillable forms and exporting the entered data
  • Creates documents from various sources


  • Cannot export to other formats, except images and plain text
  • Inaccurate OCR processing
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